Tim Mahoney for Texas Comptroller

A TEXAS POPULIST FOR TEXAS COMPTROLLER (A short story of the Tim Mahoney Campaign)! 

I began my involvement with politics watching the Texas Legislature in the late 1970's. I started out working with Jim Hightower when he was Editor of the Texas Observer. Reporting on economic, taxation, and banking issues, our work earned national awards, but the work of the Texas Legislature in representing the people continued to decline. Every session I’ve said that at least the next session can’t be worse, and invariably I have been wrong. The 2017 Legislature is the worst in living memory. tim_bio.png

This is what the Austin Chronicle had to say about me on August 21, 2017: “He’s a Jim Hightower protégé who’s been a fixture for decades in Travis County Democratic politics and last year sued Austin Community College [ACC] (where he was once a trustee) after the administration barred Students 4 Bernie from running voter registration events and distributing political literature on campus.” 

From my 6 years on the ACC Board, I can tell you that the negativity of the leading Republicans can be beat. That  power can be restored to people, but we need to focus on building local interactive relationships. Groups like Our Revolution, Left Up To Us, and the Democratic Socialists can provide the organizational mechanisms to lead the way. But building that interactive model requires all local groups to understand that building geographic relationships across the whole State is the only way that we can build the momentum to make the change that needs to be done. 

I believe that in order to be good politicians, we need to be great organizers. 

I am an attorney, community lawyer, and trained mediator. Building structures for community cooperation and consensus is among my longtime interests, and community education has been my passion. Graduating in 1974 from Dallas Community College, I completed B.A. at the University of Texas in 1978. My attendance at the LBJ School of Public Affairs resulted in a 1982 master’s thesis, which explored a new theory of the political spectrum, and a beginning of an understanding as to why we keep doing he same things, yet expect a different result. Entering the South Texas College of Law in 1989, I received my J.D. in 1991, with course work at the University of Texas School of Law. I was licensed to practice law in Texas in 1992.  I opened my law office in 1992. 

Politics remains a passion of mine.  I was one of the chief notaries during the Texas Bernie Sanders presidential campaign petition drive, so I know something about a Statewide race. We are running this campaign so we can win for Texas, and I would ask for your active support. 

Please make a donation on this website, and we would love it if you could download a petition and instructions.  Then  start getting those petition signatures so we can have more than the 5,000 of the required number by December 11, 2017. It is a better organizing strategy than what most candidates do: just pay the $5,000 to get on the ballot.

We can do it because in order to be good politicians, we need to be great organizers. 

Tim Mahoney, Candidate for Texas Comptroller

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  • commented 2018-02-27 10:25:17 -0600
    You’ve got my vote!
  • commented 2018-02-15 15:54:13 -0600
    Hello, Mr. Mahoney. You should have received an email from birk@txdemocrats.org several weeks ago inviting you to attend the Ann Richards-Mae Jackson Dinner in Waco on Saturday, February 24. We have not received any response from your campaign. Please contact me at 254-715-3157 or email me at tammie.hartgroves@hotmail.com.
  • commented 2017-12-17 13:12:21 -0600
    Greetings Tim Mahoney; I am writing to extend an invitation to our Meet the Candidates event, BOOTS N’ BBQ. It will be held on January 20th at 4159 3rd St, Walnut Springs, Texas. The event starts at 2pm, with live music, BBQ and all the fixins, and an introduction of the candidates. Each candidate will have time to talk about their reason for running, and their vision for the future. My name is Ivena Fanning, and I am President of the Bosque Democratic Club. Please let me know that you are coming; texasgurl1@yahoo.com, or 1-254-978-1671. Many thanks for running to represent us!

    -Ivena Fanning
  • Tim4Comptroller posted about About on Tim4Comptroller's Facebook page 2017-09-05 10:53:09 -0500
    Meet Tim Mahoney, candidate for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts